I’ll start with a little bit about myself.

I’m a Puerto Rican/Pakistani. Yes! Weird mix.  Well 40 years ago it might have been, these days mixes like mine are super common as you know. I work in Corporate America as an HR professional and have done that for the last 20 years. Yes, I’ve been working since I was 4 ;).

I have 2 sons (my cubs), Lucas- 3 and Sebastian- 2 (Bash)  and 2 bonus children (Step Kids) Alex Jr. – 13 and Alana -9. For modern America, I’m definitely outside the norm with my family of 6. I have a pretty cool hubster, his name is Alex, but like all husbands, there are days I love him more than words can articulate and other days when I could just (well you know) KILL him. Am I even allowed to say that on- line? Lol

My Goal with this “blog” I actually hate calling it that, is to share a mindful and empathetic view into my unfiltered life and share stories and experience I feel many can relate to but are scared to share. I know this blogger world is oversaturated, and EVERYONE is sharing their lives, but what I hope to bring that’s a bit different, are the raw feelings of those things that happen and  you think “am I the only one?” NO, YOU ARE NOT!

I hope you take the time to read and enjoy. Come as you are — I hope you find inspiration here, not perfection.